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What Are Your Options When You Can’t Pay Your Taxes?

21 Apr, 2015

If you’re unable to pay your taxes then it’s important that you file your tax return anyway, as you will be charged hefty penalties for failing to file your taxes on top of the penalty for not paying them on time. The good news is that in order to reduce the hit that not paying […]

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Staying Fiscally Fit During the Holidays

11 Dec, 2013

December is a seemingly never-ending marathon of entertaining, gift giving and family trips that may not actually be within your budget. When you don’t properly plan out your holiday season it can be easy to fall into the trap of overindulgence. Just like drinking too much or over eating can cause problems to your physical […]

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6 Tips for Eliminating Debt That Can Change Your Life

3 Oct, 2013

When debt begins to pile up, it can take over your life. It can dictate every aspect of your life for as long as you let it. Getting your debt on track can be difficult, but it can also be a very freeing experience. If you are not sure of how to go about this […]

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6 Benefits of Credit Card Free Living

17 Jul, 2013

American society is infatuated with the credit card life, and people seem to be perpetually in a love hate relationship with their plastic. Credit cards are so easy to use that it can be easy to forget that the money spent on a credit card must be repaid. The ease of credit card use is […]

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Control Debt by Rolling Student Loans into your Mortgage

19 Jun, 2013

If you are a homeowner whose house has a substantial amount of equity, you may have the option of consolidating your student loans and your mortgage. Consolidating your loans will allow you to use a new loan to pay for your old ones. If you want to use your current first mortgage to consolidate your […]

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5 Things to Consider Before Paying Your Taxes with a Credit Card

12 Apr, 2013

Paying taxes can be not only a daunting experience but can be a very expensive one as well. Taxes are a fact of life, but you may find yourself in a situation where you just do not have enough money available to pay in full.  Often a credit card can seem like an obvious choice […]

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How Useful Are Personal Financial Advisors?

30 Mar, 2013

At a time of extreme financial instability, more and more people are looking to protect their finances and make sound decisions regarding their wealth. Personal financial advisors help to manage the financial decisions that people make and serve as consultants for future decisions. When a person seeks a financial advisor after their finances are in […]

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The 4 Best Unsecured Credit Cards for Reestablishing Credit

26 Mar, 2013

Everyone gets into financial trouble at some point in his or her adult life. Sometimes the issues are temporary and have very little impact on your credit score. Other times, the missed and late payments can create major problems on your credit report. After you have weathered a financial storm, it may seem impossible to […]

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Financial Tips to Pay Your Holiday Debt Down Quickly

28 Jan, 2013

The holidays can be a financially burdening time. Not only do you have to pay to decorate your home, you likely have to buy your friends and family members gifts as well. Christmas can be one of the most detrimental times of the year to a family’s budget. Fortunately, there are things that you can […]

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