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5 Ways Couples Can Avoid Arguments Over Money

17 Oct, 2013

Couples tend to fight about a lot of things. Some of those arguments are minor and end up playing out with little or no disruption of normal life. However, some arguments are quite involved and can significantly affect how a couple cooperates within their family unit. One of the bigger arguments that most couples have is over money. If you and your partner are having these arguments, you’ll be glad to know that many of them can be avoided, and here’s how.

Don’t Use Money to Control

If one person in the relationship makes more money than the other, it cannot ever be used as a control device. This will undoubtedly create more money arguments that it could ever solve. Money should be used to take care of one’s immediate and future needs, and always be used with full knowledge of both people in the relationship. Holding money over someone’s head is only going to cause resentment and hard feelings, and should always be avoided.

Agree On How Money is Spent

Knowing what all of the ins and outs are financially can help boost the strength and dependability within a relationship. When money comes into the house, both people should agree with the order of priority that the money is used for. This means that bills need to be placed on a list and prioritized based on need and due date. From there, when money comes in, you both can look at the list and take care of those bills right away This will keep everything on track and both partners aware of all money going out.

Create a Budget Together

If one person in the relationship has bills that the other person does not know about, this can totally throw off the household budget and cause many different money arguments. Putting down a household budget with every bill included is the only way to avoid this type of argument. Make sure that both partners include all bills that they need to pay down, no matter how hidden the bill has been in the past. This can really open up communication between a couple if done where both sides are receptive to what the other partner has to say.

Pay Down the Most Influential Debt

Some debt is better to pay off first due to the fact that it can leave you with more money to pay down other debts as soon as it is paid off. This is especially true with credit card debt. You will have the extra money from any fees that were being racked up, plus the interest you were paying. Meaning, once the credit card is paid off, you can pay off the other bills that had lower interest and make a bigger impact with each payment.

Allow for Mistakes

Even the best of intentions can be broken when a financial mistake happens, and at times, this can cause additional arguing. Don’t let a minor mistake derail all of your efforts. Understand that both people are bound to make the occasional mistake and allow for that to happen. Even setting aside $10-20 each paycheck, just in case, can help lessen the blow of any financial mistakes that either person makes, helping to cut down on the arguments.

Avoiding money arguments involves open communication, decision-making, and working together. For many couples, the finances are what makes them stronger or breaks them apart. In order to keep the finances and the arguing under control, take the steps to keep the lines of communication open and remember, both of you are humans who are bound to make a mistake now and then.