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When You Should Consider Having Renters Insurance

28 Apr, 2015

For many hardworking people, renting a home can be the more convenient and affordable option rather than making a home purchase. However, even if you decide to rent, you should protect yourself through renters’ insurance. You probably care about the contents of your house, just like any other homeowner, and so it’s a very good […]

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What Are Your Options When You Can’t Pay Your Taxes?

21 Apr, 2015

If you’re unable to pay your taxes then it’s important that you file your tax return anyway, as you will be charged hefty penalties for failing to file your taxes on top of the penalty for not paying them on time. The good news is that in order to reduce the hit that not paying […]

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5 Special Tax Breaks for Military Families

14 Apr, 2015

There are many situations where the U.S. government recognizes the great sacrifices that the people who have served in the military make. Due to this, there are plenty of special privileges that are given out to military women and men in order to compensate for their time served. For instance, when it comes to tax […]

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5 Tips for Successfully Disputing Credit Card Charges

3 Apr, 2015

If you look at your credit card bill only to find that there is a charge that shouldn’t be there then the fix may be as easy as picking up the phone or writing a letter to your credit card company. However, in some cases it can be more complicated then that and may take […]

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Does Credit Limit Affect Credit Score?

1 Apr, 2015

Credit limits used to be easily handled; if you ran out of credit, you simply asked the credit card company for more credit. Since the recession, however, this is no longer a reality. In fact, many credit card companies will decrease your credit line if you call to ask for an increase as protection against […]

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