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6 Financial Benefits of Downsizing Your Home

30 Apr, 2013

The most common motive for why people decide to economize is either they are retiring or their children are moving out and they want a smaller space. There are however, many reasons why you may feel the need to purchase a smaller home, such as the major benefit of downsizing your house as a financial […]

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6 Savvy Money Moves you Should Make Right Before you Retire

26 Apr, 2013

Being financially prepared is crucial to a happy retirement. Stress-free living is attainable as long as you are willing to take financial steps well ahead of time. Here are some tips to get you started. Organize the Transition Retirement is one of the most emotionally and financially challenging transitions you go through in your life. […]

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5 Ways to Help Seniors Maintain Their Financial Freedom

24 Apr, 2013

Today with interest rates being very low, many seniors are struggling, because they were relying on interest from their savings to pay them an income for retirement. It may be up to family members to provide them with advice on their finances, but with many seniors being very independent, it is not always easy to […]

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How to Stay Motivated While Unemployed

22 Apr, 2013

It’s never easy being unemployed, especially in hard financial times. Not only is it stressful, but it also drains your self-confidence, and depletes any sense of financial stability that you may have once had. The longer you stay unemployed, the easier it is to lose hope in ever finding a job. However, the last thing […]

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What are Your Options if You Lose Your Retiree Health Benefits

19 Apr, 2013

Retiree health benefits can be extremely important. They are something which will allow your health care to be paid for once you retire and have left your job. This can be a huge expense, because with age you may get less healthy or develop chronic conditions. When retired, there may not be enough income to […]

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Billionaire iPhone Apps for the Average Investor

16 Apr, 2013

Anyone with an iPhone knows how many apps there are. When in the app store, it can be difficult knowing exactly which ones to download, as there are so many to pick from. There are lots of categories of apps as well as lots of apps within those categories. There have been many people who […]

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5 Things to Consider Before Paying Your Taxes with a Credit Card

12 Apr, 2013

Paying taxes can be not only a daunting experience but can be a very expensive one as well. Taxes are a fact of life, but you may find yourself in a situation where you just do not have enough money available to pay in full.  Often a credit card can seem like an obvious choice […]

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Tips to Avoid Outliving Your Retirement Funds

10 Apr, 2013

With people living longer these days, it can be very easy to outlive your retirement fund. The lump sum that you put aside may easily run out before you no longer need it. There are ways that you can protect yourself against this though. Invest in a Pension A pension fund is specifically designed to […]

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5 Box Office Movies You Can Gain Financial Advice From

7 Apr, 2013

Movies are a way for some to escape the real world and experience a form of escapism. Others view spending an afternoon taking in a movie as a good way to relax. Some moviegoers go strictly for the entertainment value. Whatever a persons reason is for watching movies, all movies are not just about pure […]

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5 Best Credit Cards for Earning Free Vacations

4 Apr, 2013

With consumers constantly looking for ways to cut costs, any opportunity to save money is worth taking a look at, even if it involves taking on a little credit card debt. Credit cards that offer travel rewards are generally high on cardholders’ lists of desired accounts. They feel that if they will incur financial debt […]

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