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How Useful Are Personal Financial Advisors?

30 Mar, 2013

At a time of extreme financial instability, more and more people are looking to protect their finances and make sound decisions regarding their wealth. Personal financial advisors help to manage the financial decisions that people make and serve as consultants for future decisions. When a person seeks a financial advisor after their finances are in […]

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The 4 Best Unsecured Credit Cards for Reestablishing Credit

26 Mar, 2013

Everyone gets into financial trouble at some point in his or her adult life. Sometimes the issues are temporary and have very little impact on your credit score. Other times, the missed and late payments can create major problems on your credit report. After you have weathered a financial storm, it may seem impossible to […]

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5 Ways Fear May Be Hurting Your Finances

23 Mar, 2013

Most people dream of having financial success and of being debt free. There are any numbers of ways to achieve this nearly universal dream, and everyone’s journey to the goal may be different. One thing is definite, no matter which path you take–to make great financial gains, there must be some risk taken. If you […]

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The Impact of the Looming Sequester on the Economy

20 Mar, 2013

In August 2011, the United States government agreed to a series of automatic budget cuts that would affect the country’s domestic and defense spending. The country has seen its debt rise to the pre-set ceiling, and this set of budget cuts, titled the Budget Control Act, will provide certain cuts that will take place over […]

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3 Tips to Avoid the New Credit Card Checkout Fee

16 Mar, 2013

July 2012 saw a major financial settlement reached between nine banks, along with Visa, and MasterCard. The issue at hand was the fees merchants are charged to process customer credit cards when used for making purchases. The settlement made the agreement that the fees merchants paid for processing these transactions would be reduced, but only […]

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7 Ways to Save at Least $1,000 per Year

12 Mar, 2013

According to a recent survey by the Personal Finance Employee Education Foundation, only 24% of people have “little financial stress.” That means the other 76% of people have moderate to high levels of financial stress. When you consider that the average American household has about $15,000 in credit card debt and then you add in […]

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Going Up! 5 Tips to Prepare for Increasing Gas Prices

10 Mar, 2013

Summer is around the corner and as the temperatures rise we can also look forward to other increases. Gas prices are steadily creeping upwards, heading to historic highs. Keeping gas in our vehicles has become a big financial burden for many households. Because we live in a mobile society, it would be difficult to completely […]

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6 Tips to Protect Yourself From Mobile Banking Mistakes

7 Mar, 2013

The technological advances in the world of banking have afforded customers convenience in a variety of ways. The most popular perk to banking on a smartphone or a tablet is the ability to bank on the go with a mobile device. Customers can tap into their financial accounts from virtually anywhere, eliminating the need to […]

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Talk More Pay Less: Pre-Paid Vs. Contract Cell Phone Plans

4 Mar, 2013

Whether or not to sign up for a contract cell phone plan or purchase a pre-paid option can be a very confusing financial decision. With some estimates indicating around six billion cell phone subscribers worldwide, this decision is faced quite often. Although individual circumstances will dictate which is the better decision for any given person, […]

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