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How Safe Is Online Banking?

26 Feb, 2013

The use of technology to make our lives easier is evident in every aspect of our lives. We can now purchase virtually anything we need via the Internet, start and end relationships in the same sphere, and conduct our financial business through the computer. But how safe is online banking? Here are three pros and […]

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7 Things You Should Always Buy Used

21 Feb, 2013

Everyone is looking for ways to increase their financial stability and save money. There are items that must be purchased on a regular basis for every household and fewer and fewer ways to manage these costs. There is one way to help the budget stretch as far as it can and that is by buying […]

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The Good and Bad of Monthly Automatic Bill Pay

19 Feb, 2013

Technological advances have made it possible to automate virtually any task. Paying bills is one of the activities now widely offered as an automated service. Even those companies which may not offer automatic bill pay through electronic means still make the suggestion to their customers through a manual sign up process. Just as the pros […]

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Save Money; How to Catch the Growing Trend of Alternative Energy

15 Feb, 2013

The consideration of using renewable or an alternative energy source has been a hot topic for several years now, spurred by the realization that the fossil fuels we consume worldwide are becoming depleted and we have no backup plan in place. Also, these fuels release carbon into the atmosphere and create more negative issues that […]

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Here Today Gone Today: How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

13 Feb, 2013

You’ve likely heard the old adage that many people have more bills left at the end of the month than they do paycheck to pay them. The current time is a difficult one on the financial front for households throughout the country. The economy ebbs and flows like the ocean; however, there can be relief […]

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5 Tips to Save Money on Your Monthly Food Bill by Buying in Bulk

7 Feb, 2013

As the nation struggles with financial woes, there is no immediate end in sight to the way the issues trickle down to the citizens of the nation. Increasingly, families are looking for ways to spend less money. One of the largest expenses in a household is the food bill. In order to alleviate some of […]

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Pawn Shop Loans vs. Online Loans: Which Is Better?

5 Feb, 2013

When in a financial pinch, a person has several avenues available to quickly get money on a short-term basis.  Among the more popular methods are pawnshop loans and online loans.  But which is the better option?  It can be a hard choice, especially because it is a decision most often made when tension and stress […]

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