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9 Ways to Make Quick Cash While Sitting on Your Butt

20 Jun, 2013

making money while sitting on your butt

Making a little extra money while putting forth as little effort as possible sounds like an impossible dream for many people. However, although most of the best ways to make quick money involve using a computer, it is an attainable goal to make money while expending very little energy. Ten ways to make quick cash while sitting on your butt are:


You don’t have to have masters level writing skills to make money as a blogger. Everyone is a specialist or expert in something, and there are always people who want to hear from knowledgeable bloggers. Tie your blogs into affiliate accounts where you can drive traffic to retailer sites for profit, or sell your own items through your blog.

There are also companies that will pay for you to blog for them, whether for a byline credit or pay. When you can show that you have a following and are good at creating interesting things people want to know about, this increases your chances of being paid to blog.

Affiliate Retailer

If you spend a lot of time online, you may find that you have a quite large following of friends and acquaintances that like to hear what you have to say. You can channel this online popularity into a stint as an affiliate retailer. Various large and small retailers offer commissions to people who can get others to purchase items from the retailer.

The way the affiliate programs typically work is you’re supplied with a unique affiliate code or link that customers will click on or input when they want to make purchases of highlighted products on your website or blog. The credit for the sale will go to you, as the affiliate who made the sale. Maximize your profits by tying your affiliate accounts to products that are similar to the things you talk about online. Affiliates are paid by a commission rate that can quickly add up when the buying traffic is present.

Content writer

Again, there are no special criteria for being a content writer. There are thousands of websites and thousands of other companies and individuals who will pay top dollar for interesting content that readers will be interested in. Channel your knowledge into pay by soliciting your online writing services to customers who need various items written, from articles and blog posts to web site pages.

Online retailer

Setting up a virtual store can put money into your pocket without much effort on your part. Various online retailers, such as eBay and Fiverr will allow you to sell items that others will pay for. With eBay, the focus will mostly be geared towards physical items, such as unwanted clothing or electronics you have lying around your home, or even books and toys that have been outgrown.

Fiverr offers various services and items for five dollars to customers. For instance, if you’re particularly good at deciphering whether or not a particular book cover would tempt you to buy the book because you’re an avid reader, independent publishers and authors may want to use your services to get a readers’ opinion, and you can offer this service for five dollars.


You can make money from the comfort of your couch by writing. Electronic books, or ebooks, are in high demand, and voracious readers want more and more material to read. Pick topics you’re especially knowledgeable about, no matter how trivial they may seem to you, and write ebooks about those subjects. Someone out in cyberspace wants to know exactly what you’re talking about and is willing to pay for your written knowledge. You can also try your hand at fiction ebooks in different genres, from children’s stories to horror or romance.


You can work as a consultant from your home living room. There are various fields where consultation is in high demand, such as in the business and technology fields. If you have knowledge in these fields, you can offer your consultation services to places where this knowledge is needed. Rather than travelling from location to location, your consultation sessions can take place via video conferencing or phone. Some consultation takes place via other virtual means, such as email.


You can sell anything from your home without actually having the goods, or a small inventory. Setting up a virtual store where you can fulfill customer orders from other retailers places you in the spot of a middleman. You can make quite a bit of money at this, especially if you have access to discounted merchandise that the general public does not. You can purchase the goods at a reduced price and then resell them for a profit.

Online Teacher or Tutor

If you have a college degree, you can cash in on that piece of paper by soliciting tutoring or instructional services online. Various outlets are seeking qualified tutors who can help students of all levels to master different subjects. Those that request tutoring for school aged children usually require college degrees, or vast experience in education. However, other venues allow instructors to present workshops on any topics they wish, for pay.

Virtual Assistant

Technology advances so quickly that numerous people and smaller businesses struggle to keep up. The daily tasks of sending and checking emails, taking phone calls, and drafting memos can be daunting when the cost of a full time employee to do these things may be outside the budget. As a virtual assistant, you can fill this void by offering your virtual services to help get these tasks completed.

People seeking assistants typically need help with administrative duties such as those above, but also with things like online research, appointment setting, and order fulfillment. You can get paid to do these things from your home and if you take on more than one customer, you can increase your income potential.

Making money while sitting on your butt will take innovative thought and a willingness to think outside the box on ways you can cash in on your knowledge and other assets. Remember, having the time to perform any job from home places you at an advantage when you’re marketing your services, and is seen as a great positive by people who don’t have the time or the skills to do them for themselves.